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Red Veil/Krull Nuk
Red Veil/Krull Nuk

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PostSubject: Introduction   Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:25 am

(Self explanatory)
(Chaos/ or a place, scene, or state of uproar and confusion)

Greetings traveler,
Here is just a tid bit of info for those who may not be familiar with our guild. MoB is one of the oldest remaining still active guilds,(there are a few others still around if you look) who's creation came well before any formal guild system was created in Antica, back then known as Tibia. There were no other servers. Our guild meetings were held in the Carlin Depot at first, and later we inhabited the Carlin castle. We were "one of the first"(out of a few) guilds to obtain a guildhall- The Moonkeep. There were no auctions back then, Guild leaders had to write to the "Gods" and prove to them why they thought their guild was "worthy" of a hall. With any luck, we were awarded the Moonkeep. A few wars were even fought on the yard there..many years ago..

-We have some deep role playing roots, although it is no longer the core part of our guild, we do try to implement it in small ways to keep that spirit alive somewhat.
-We do not favor player killing, abuse, or thievery.
-We appreciate hunting,laughing and going through the best and worse-in unity.
-We prefer to dwell in a peaceful manner.


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