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 The Book of Fujin

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PostSubject: The Book of Fujin   Sat Oct 31, 2009 10:56 pm

a little pice of work that i have been working on for a when this is just a little pice of it and it is old

The Book of Fujin

It was a dark day in the land of Rook and the rain seemed like it would never stop one young mage was born and he was named Fujin His Mother died in Birth and his father died in a Orc raid with no parents to provide for him he lived with the headmaster Seymour at the local school When he was not Training his Skills and his Mind at school he would Train with a Monk in the out skits of town called Loui he would tell young Fujin about all the adventures he had and trained Fujin in the arts of sorcery and after a few years he would be going on adventures of his own and on one of his adventures he meet a local Fisherman named Santiago who’s boat was damaged by a attack by a sea serpent on his way back from the town of carlin Santiago said he would take Fujin to carlin if he could help him repair his boat young Fujin never knowing much about the world was happy to help the fisherman Fujin though to him self the only place to get wood would be from to forest and the Orc’s guarded the forest Fujin went to town to get talk to Seymour on his way back to town Fujin wondered what the rest of the world is like was it like home or it is a lot different by that time Fujin was back at school greeted by Seymour Fujin told the Headmaster about the fisherman’s problem The headmaster told him he should go to the old mines and there he will find his Equipment he needed for his journey and Before the Headmaster could evin finish Young Fujin ran off and before no time he was at the Mines that the headmaster was talking about having only a Dagger he got from the school he wondered the Mines for what seemed like days killing many of trolls and soon he found a small pack of orc’s after laying waste to the filthy orc’s he went down a latter and hear a Groarr From what sounded like a Bear How could a bear get down here Fujin wondered as he looked around the cave he seen what seemed like a sleeping Minotar hearing how fearce Mino’s are from the Headmaster he dared not to try to wake it but he need to get past it so he walked as slow as he could keeping as low as he could in fear the Mino Could smell or hear him soon Fujin cold see the bear and as he got closer I seen the bear was half dead and there was other dead bears around there Fujin thought to him self how sick it was for the bear to suffer as Fujin got to the room the bear was in it looked like a blood bath in there and it seem the door was unlocked Fujin entered the room and Killed the bear as Fujin looked around he noticed that it was not just a Room they killed and stored there bear’s in they would kill and store any thing here evin People needing Stuff he Grabed every thing he could use just as he finished he hear another Noise it must be the Mino wakeing up being scared and fighting a mino could mean death he crawled in the sewer grate where all the blood a and Guts and god know’s what els was hopeing there was another way out he looked and he found a latter not every far off he climbed the latter and ran as fast as he could in hope the mino would not get him
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PostSubject: Re: The Book of Fujin   Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:13 am

This is a very good piece, well done. You have a great imagination! Smile
I would like to read more.

However, paragraphs make it easier on the reader. Razz
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The Book of Fujin
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