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Nu Ruk
Nu Ruk

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PostSubject: Application    Sat Sep 01, 2018 6:10 am

Hello. I know of one person from your guild that we were in same new founded guild before. He left them due to no acitivity at all and so do I. I want to answer the questions about what you want to know about me first then I can tell my story

Who is your main character, what level is he/she and what vocation?
Its Usturaselo. He is right now 76lvl ek

Who are you in real life, what is your age, where do you come from?
I am 25 y/o male Im from Turkey

What is your reputation in tibia?
Im neutral right now

As what kind of player do you see yourself? quests, hunting, RPGing, killing?
I like to hunt alot maybe when I get high level enough I can run after the white skulls too

Where you in other guild before? why did you leave?
I was in a new founded guild and there were no contact each other in game nor in discord at all so I left

Do you have friends inside the guild? or on Antica?
I met Cerito from the past guild and yes I like to have friends that I have several I always chat with them when they come online

Who are your enemies?
I dont have any enemies right now

What do you bring/contribute to our guild?
To be honest, the main reason to want to join your guild is to communicate so I can bring my friendship to you as most valuable

What do you expect from our guild?
I want to talk to you, want to chat about game,irl or any subject it can be. For me friendship is the most importand

What is your ambition in tibia?
Not sure about that to be honest. I thought about it before but couldnt find an answer.

I born and live in Turkey, I met with the game at 2009 by phone games and I wondered it then checked on google and found it cool. But I didnt play that much that my main is 76 lvl now since all these years Because I was going to high school and some problems irl etc. Now I dont want to play any other games and focus on tibia and have friends from abroad, practice my english and know more about world that way. The way I type is better than my speaking but oh yeah right now I found what my ambition can be in tibia. To break the chains of my tongue and speak the english as much as my native language. Yes. This is it. Sometime I even have hard time to speak my native language fluid. I want to be succesful both of them with you. I cant speak english with people near me but I can do it with you. You never know. Maybe I can even have a chance to meet one of you irl  in future. Im appliying to your guild with these wishes people
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Red Veil/Krull Nuk
Red Veil/Krull Nuk

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PostSubject: Re: Application    Sat Sep 01, 2018 8:02 am

Noticed, Posted on internal leader forum, you'll receive an answer shortly
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