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 How to apply *READ before applying*

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PostSubject: How to apply *READ before applying*   Fri Jul 17, 2009 12:29 pm

Things we look at before considering your application:

1) Activity.
3)History (what guilds you have been in, among other things)

4) Age. We prefer our members are near(within 6 months) or over 18 irl. This may seem unfair but we have our reasons for this.

Our recruitment system will include:

-Review of applications.
-Best applications will be selected by our recruiter who will then give you an interview.
-If the interview goes well, the application will then go up for a total vote of key members.
- New,Active /open applications will be shown (the title) In Red text (once we see it posted)at the main Join forum page. Closed applications will show in default text color, and locked.
-You must be active to even be considered. Do not even bother to apply if you are not planning to be active, during the Nu Ruk trial period, if we feel you are not active you will be excluded anyways, so think about this before applying!

Some things to consider before you apply:
As of now, we require a minimum level of 80 for applicants. This is to ensure that you have some experience in Tibia, that you know your way around and can take care of yourself,and have acquired some sort of reputation.
When being considered for membership we will look at things like your reputation, your overall attitude towards others, how you solve problems and what your goals are. Members of our guild contribute to the guild hall and expenses with a monthly guild fee of 2k. We have a very structured rank system with various basic missions and tasks. Overall we emphasize unity and a nice atmosphere. If you feel this is your sort of guild, we will be anxious to read your application!

*If we feel that applicant has something to offer MoB that is currently lacking, and they do not for some reason meet the full req level,in very rare cases an exception may be made. It is up to the leadership only to decide on those cases.


How to make your application to join MoB:


A good application should include:
a) A description/story about your character (role play stories are encouraged but not required) write about your tibian adventures,or a favorite memory in Tibia. In this story include the level and vocation of your character.
b)Tell us how old you are in real life,
c)when you started playing and how you decided to apply for our guild. Include reasons you wish to join and tell us not only who your friends are but how you met them and why you consider them your friends.
d)Include any enemies you may have and why they are your enemies (if any)
e)Tell us how many hours you play daily.
f) Tell us what you can offer to the guild, what kind of actions do you feel show honour and loyalty when it comes to a guild and its members. Do you have a sense of humor? (you will need it here as we are a bunch of jokesters,and we like to have fun ,as well as being serious about our guild and its goals.)Maybe you have played a joke on a friend at one time/ Tell us abou that too!

Please make your application as complete as possible. We donnot like short answers that tell us nothing about who you are. The point of the application is for us to get to know you so that we can then consider you to be entered into our rows.

We wish you luck and look forward to getting to know you.


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How to apply *READ before applying*
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