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 Lady Deena's application

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PostSubject: Lady Deena's application   Mon Nov 10, 2014 7:02 pm

Greetings members of Messiahs of Bedlam guild.

I´m writing this in order to, hopefully, earn a place in your ranks.

My name is Lady Deena, I´m an elder druid and my current level is 114.
I am a very friendly and loyal person with a good sense of humor.
I have no former guilds to mention. Because even though my character 
is very old, my adventuring has just begun.
So now I´m looking for my very first sanctuary in form of other players 
in a friendly community.

I have gained alot of friends during my 14 years in this realm of Tibia. 
However, the most of them either transfered to
another world or stopped adventuring completly. 
I still got a handful of them that I can trust with my tibian life.
One of them is Ceannlaidir, the one who told me to write this application.

In the real world, my name is Robin, I am 28 years old and I live in Sweden.
I've been playing tibia on and off since I first started sometime year 2000.
 Since I want to gain more experience on my druid I currently play very often. 
And as of now I would say atleast 4 hours a day, up to 9~ hours. 
And if I´m not hunting I´m chatting and helping people.

I can offer this guild a friendly hand, loyalty and all my collected knowledge of this game so far.

With kind regards, 
Lady Deena 
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Red Veil/Krull Nuk
Red Veil/Krull Nuk

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PostSubject: Re: Lady Deena's application   Tue Nov 11, 2014 4:33 am

application noticed, we'll get back to you soon

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Never meant to be opened, yet now it awakes.
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Lady Deena's application
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