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 The Emperor's son

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Lord Baall
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PostSubject: The Emperor's son   Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:57 pm

This story could also be named:

- Why i hate dwarves
- Why i hate trolls
- Why i prefer leather legs than dwarven legs

This is heavily based on the true story of Rixon Whimpy rescuing two nooblets from the deep mines inside Beregar.


PS: sorry for spelling mistakes and non-sense writings. this text is too long for me to revise


I was making friends with the inhabitants of the hidden city of Beregar when my friend Vinidu came to me and told me that
the Emperor Rehal wanted some help and that he would give a good reward to whoever accepted this task.

We went to the throne room, greeted the Emperor in a polite manner and said we were willing to help him. He then told us
that his son and his companions went to the deep mines below Beregar to investigate some mysterious creatures that were
rummoured to be attacking the mine workers. None of them came back from this expedition and this had happened weeks before.

I felt bad for the emperor. I could only imagine how painful must it be to lose a son like that. Me and Vinidu
accepted the task and he told us he would reward our efforts with two pairs of Dwarven Legs. They were actually built for
dwarves taller than the Emperor's clan, so they would fit us properly.

Years ago the rumours of armor, helmets and legs built by the dwarves started to emerge in the continent of Tibia. The only
equipment of the dwarves we could find back then was the old Dwarven Shield, so the possibility of putting our greedy hands
in dwarven equipment made us haste towards the wagons that would take us to the deep mines.

"I dunno what about you Baller but i don't know shit about fixing rails. And sure as hell there will be ruined rails in our
way toward the deep mines. That place is ancient and not visited by many people" said Vinidu.

"You got a point there mister, but if they are broken, how did the Emperor's son get past through it when heading to the mines?" i replied.

Vinidu shrugged off and said "Maybe they didn't even reach the mines. There has been no word comming from them after they
took this damn wagon"

"For fuck sake, okay you are right. We should check with the miners in Beregar about what do we need to do in order to fix
broken rails, if we ever find one".

So we went back to the city, talked with Xorlosh who explained there were good books in the old Library. We found the books
and collected the items that we would need according to those writings.

We took the wagon and sure as the day is long, we found broken rails. In fact we found at least 3 or 4 broken rails. The
book helped us a great deal and it didn't take long before we got the wagon hub, a place with different carts who would
lead us to different type of mines.

We had to fire up a crane engine to eventually reach the car that would take us to the wagon maze.

"I don't understand why they just don't make one single wagon to one single location. Why make a maze out of this?" asked

"What would you expect from dwarves? I've been helping them for years in the cities of Kazordoon, Farmine and now Beregar,
and they still attack me when i enter their mines, like if I wanted to rob their stupid leather armors and white mushroom
farms. They just don't think straight".

Eventually we reached the deeper mines where we were welcome by a group of Furious Trolls (who were stronger than Troll
Champions) and by invisible creatures.

From that moment right there, things went mad. I was not on my most brilliant day and Vinidu had a terrible Flu, so we were
not fighting fit. At this moment still, i don't know what exactly happened, but I think there were traps set by the trolls
that would summon Mechanical Fighters. Also, the trolls themselves could summon even more mechanical fighters.

So not only we were constantly surrounded by this strange wooden machinery, but we were also being hit by these damn
invisible trolls that we would later on find out that they were called Trolls Legionnaire.

Saying that they were trolls makes them be understimated. But these creatures where great fighters and me and Vinidu were
not prepared for that. We couldn't organise our defense and we didn't have enough supplies for that kind of heat.

We eventually found a member of the missing entourage who said that the Emperor's son was taken further into the troll's

We finally reached him and unlocked him from his cell with a key we had found in what would be called as the bedroom of
those trolls. He said he could find his way on his own and that he would wait some minutes there gathering his strength.

He just wanted us to clean the path for him but i didn't figure that at that time. Me and Vinidu were both scared to death and running low on supplies, and now we would have to run all the way back facing those monsters.

I swallowed my pride and asked for the help of my guild. I couldn't know if they would hear me out, since i was so deep
inside the mines.

We stood outside the cells thinking whether we should we wait even more to see if someone from the guild would rescue us or should we just rush back to the city, taking the risks?

We both agreed to try and make some progress back towards the city, we did slay a lot of them before so maybe there would
be a smaller number of them still roaming around.

As battle ensued, I felt weak as i couldn't properly hold my sword and shield. Vinidu was constantly troubled by his heavy coughing and he couldn't throw his spears much further.

Then a big flash blinded me as a holy spell was shot in the cave revealing the position of every Troll in the room, and a
person came bursting through the stairs. Moving as fast as light, Rixon Whimpy didn't need more than 2 blows of his weapon
to end the existence of a Troll Legionnaire.

We thanked him many times, but he just smiled and said it was ok. We followed him back to the wagons that would take us
back to Beregar, and we didn't meet much opposition. Rixon took care of the monsters and was constantly looking back to
check if we were okay.

When we reached Beregar, we told the Emperor that his son would soon return to the city and he handled over the 2 pairs of
dwarven legs.

I said good bye to Vinidu and rushed back to Yalahar. As soon as i reached the depot i put my dwarven legs for sale (60k).
I didn't want that equipment anywhere near me. Looking at it reminded me of being surrounded by those lifeless machines, and the grunts and glints of the invisible trolls.

I was better off with my Zaoan legs after all.
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PostSubject: Re: The Emperor's son   Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:03 pm

True story study very good reading as well cheers


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PostSubject: Re: The Emperor's son   Tue Mar 05, 2013 4:17 pm

A stout Rixon, saviour of the hopeless, doom of the wicked! jocolor
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PostSubject: Re: The Emperor's son   

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The Emperor's son
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