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 The Silent war

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PostSubject: The Silent war   Tue Aug 11, 2009 5:58 pm

this is a Book that is in carlin that i read on wiki i liked it so i though u all would to

The Silent War

It is no secret that Thais has always looked to our fair city of Carlin with envious eyes, claiming it as its own. It is also well known that, as the years have proceeded, and Carlin has gone from strength to strength that Thaian claims on Carlin's territory have become nominal, at best. Although the Thaian Royal line and the Thaian nobility are linked with some of the bloodlines of Carlinian families, the times of open hostilities are part of the past, to the benefit of both cities. The only reason that Thais has not discarded its claims on Carlin is merely that such a move on behalf of the royal house would be viewed as weakness.

But, I hear you ask, if this is so, why are we still suffering under unfair trade barriers? Why does Thais still use its not inconsiderable political power to hinder Carlin's growth and prosperity?

The answer, my fellow Carlinians and concerned merchants, lies in Venore. Reliable sources who do not wish to be named for obvious reasons, who have contact with the highest officials of Thais, have revealed that the Thaian manouvering to infringe our rights and growth originates with the Trade Barons of Venore. The profit motivated Venoreans use their influence, propaganda and wealth to influence decisions made in Thais to the detriment of their greatest competitor - Carlin. Venorean agents are known to hinder Carlin's expansion through any means possible, be it bribery, threats, lies, blackmail or intrigue. Although this maouvering has mainly been covert, the success they have met with is making them more brash and confident and their intrigues are becoming more open and apparent. There is little doubt that they would go to any length to harm us. In fact, Venore is like a spider, waiting to pounce on us should we show any sign of weakness! However, Venore is still too cunning or too cowardly to act openly against our city. Theirs is not the way of open and honourable confrontation, rather, they prefer to let others do their dirty work for them. Thais is merely a tool for them to achieve their devious aims, while we, my friends, concentrate our suspicions upon Thais. By so doing, we are playing directly into their hands!

Thais may still pose the actual threat, but they are not the source of the evil. Should any of you still doubt the truth of my words, then the final, irrefutable proof of the Venorean Trade Barons'ambitions can be seen in the fact that they intentionally undercut our prices, ban our wares from the markets they control and they are the key agents for smuggling contraband into our city, undermining our profit margins and aiding the growth of the black market. It can be assumed that Carlins Girls' Brigade (CGB) has gathered files about Venorean activities and it is a shame that such information is not made public.

Next issue: The CGB - Has it been Infiltrated?
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Black Veil/Consul
Black Veil/Consul

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PostSubject: Re: The Silent war   Sun Sep 06, 2009 8:13 pm

Nicely written, cannot wait to see more <stand and claps>
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Lord Balin
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PostSubject: Re: The Silent war   Sun Sep 27, 2009 9:11 pm

So wheres the second part??
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PostSubject: Re: The Silent war   Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:01 am

Interesting. Smile

Is there more to the story?
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PostSubject: Re: The Silent war   

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The Silent war
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